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Timbits Poutine On Offer For The First Time With Foods At CNE 2015

Tim Hortons is jumping on the poutine wagon at this year's CNE.

Offering up their very own sweet version of poutine (of which there are many available at this year's Canadian National Exhibition), Tim Hortons' take will feature a variety of flavours: chocolate lovers, birthday cake, Oreo, cinnamon French toast and chocolate salted caramel. The poutine will cost you $3.99.

On top of these exclusive poutines made with dessert toppings like whipped cream and sprinkles, the chain is also offering new Timbit flavours at the Ex, including a cola version and a cotton candy one (which we think is the perfect way to enjoy the fair), for the regular price of $0.25.

The cola Timbit, only available at the Ex, tastes similarly to candy gummy versions of Coke bottles, while its partner in crime, the cotton candy Timbit, isn't as sweet as it sounds (which, considering everything else on offer, is probably a good thing).

And as a nod to their "regular" menu, Tim Hortons at the Ex will also have a doughnut honey Dijon ham sandwich — all together in one big happy pretzel doughnut buns, that is both sweet and salty. That one will be selling for $5.99 at the fair.

Check out our photos below, and let us know — will you be trying these new Timbit creations?

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