08/19/2015 01:26 EDT | Updated 08/19/2015 01:59 EDT

2 Wolves Attack And Kill Deer In Banff Townsite

It's not often we're witness to an animal-versus-animal attack in our national parks, but one such encounter occurred in a very public location last week in Banff.

According to Parks Canada, two wolves chased a killed a deer in the middle of the Banff townsite, just one block off the busy main strip.

On the evening of Aug. 11, dispatchers received a call that a deer had been attacked and wolves were seen dragging pieces of the carcass on the road, according to a statement from Parks spokeswoman Christina Tricomi.

Wildlife officers arrived to remove the deer, at which point the wolves "fled back into the cover of the forest."

No one is believed to have witnessed the initial attack and there were no reports of a vehicle striking the deer.

According to the statement, the carcass was moved to a remote location away from the townsite where other carnivores could enjoy the feast.

It's possible the wolves were pursuing the deer through the forested wildlife corridor immediately adjacent to the town.

The wolves did not exhibit any threatening or defensive behaviour toward the people who witnessed the incident, according to the news release.

Parks Canada reminds visitors and residents to be vigilant to animal activity throughout the national park.


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