08/20/2015 03:03 EDT | Updated 08/20/2015 03:59 EDT

Jon Bon Jovi Concert In Vancouver Is On Again

Fans with tickets can relax now.


VANCOUVER — Bon Jovi fans praying to see the band in Vancouver just had to hold on until a cancelled concert was back on again at another venue.

The singer is scheduled to play Rogers Arena on Saturday with Kings of Suburbia after their performance at Stanley Park was scrubbed.

Bon Jovi Tours Inc. issued a statement saying original concert promoter Paper Rain Performances caused confusion by issuing misinformation about the axed performance.

Paul Korzilius of Bon Jovi Management says frontman Jon Bon Jovi wanted to perform in the city after Paper Rain filed for bankruptcy.

The City of Vancouver said earlier this week that Paper Rain did not have the required permits for the group to perform at the park.

Bon Jovi has recorded three albums in Vancouver, and the show is scheduled a day after the band planned to release a special fan album called "Burning Bridges.''

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