08/20/2015 01:48 EDT | Updated 08/21/2015 12:59 EDT

Elle Canada Faces Twitter Backlash For Calling Dashiki 'The Newest It-Item'

Another day, another example cultural appropriation in the fashion industry.

Elle Canada is currently facing backlash for a story that claims "dashikis are the new kaftans."

dashiki elle canada

The magazine posted the story on Twitter Wednesday night (that has since been removed) deeming the garment he "newest It-item of note."

Naturally, the Twitterverse wasn't impressed, with many people calling out the magazine for saying the traditional West African garment is "in style," when it's been an integral part of black culture for years.

But Elle Canada isn't the only publication to be criticized for cultural appropriation. Earlier this month, Allure magazine was under fire for using a white model in an Afro tutorial, while Teen Vogue faced the same backlash for using a "white model" in a Senegalese twists story.

So far, Elle Canada has yet to comment on the controversy.

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