08/20/2015 12:55 EDT

Indians Attempt Positions From The Kama Sutra, Fail Immediately

Who thought this would be easy (or even doable)?

Indians are often told they're probably masters of the Kama Sutra because of its origins, but if this video proves anything, it's not as easy it looks.

In the video above by Buzzfeed India, four brave couples attempt several awkward positions from the ancient Hindu sex book with hilarious results. From The Bridge (which is a lot harder to do with two men) and The Rowing Boat (which looks like what it sounds like), watch each duo try to perfect each move.

The book itself is about love and attraction, but many parts of the Sanskrit text also detail sexual positions. And although sex may still be considered taboo for some communities both in India and here, it's about time even the most traditional of people open up on the topic and just have fun with it ... these couples clearly did.


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