08/20/2015 04:06 EDT | Updated 08/27/2015 10:59 EDT

How Couples Kiss Around The World

Real kisses from real couples, all around the world.

While we already know kissing on the lips isn't as common as we once thought, it still remains a symbol of love across many cultures.

In the YouTube video above by The Cut, we get a closer look at the ways couples kiss in 11 countries around the world. And, as expected, the kisses vary from sweet to sultry and everything in between.

But the producers admit, this 2:43 minute video doesn't quite capture all the passion and diversity they wanted to display. So, they're putting out a call in search of couples and loved ones who want to show the world how they kiss.

If you want your kiss to be included in The Cut's follow-up video, watch the clip above for tips on how to film and send in your footage.

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