08/20/2015 02:48 EDT | Updated 08/20/2015 06:59 EDT

Lions Gate Bridge Bump Causes Traffic, Commuter Mayhem

A literal bump in the road caused a mountain of trouble.

A bump in the road caused a mountain of trouble for some Vancouver commuters on Thursday.

Repair work being done on the Lions Gate Bridge slowed travellers down with heavy traffic and long delays.

The problem is a temporary metal bump — almost two inches thick — that spans the bridge's width, forcing drivers to slow down to avoid damaging their vehicles.

It's so bad that TransLink halted bus service over the bridge. Commuters between the North Shore and Vancouver had to take the SeaBus instead (or find another way to get around). But it didn't help that the bigger crowds and lack of extra SeaBus sailings made for a terrible morning commute.

That's the line to get on the #SeaBus going into #Vancouver. What a gong show. #transit #translink

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Just before noon Thursday, TransLink announced it would be adding an extra SeaBus sailing to help handle the afternoon rush.

The metal bump, which is on the bridge's south end, was installed to cover joints during repaving work that's done overnight.

Progress is being made on the bump, B.C.'s Ministry of Transportation tweeted Thursday. Officials said it would be widened with more rubber surfacing to make for a smoother experience for drivers, reported CTV News.

And presumably, the commute will be a lot less bumpy after that.

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