08/20/2015 04:45 EDT | Updated 08/21/2015 12:59 EDT

Raymond Scott Of Fort Kent, Alta. Wins $50 Million LOTTO MAX Jackpot

He'd joked about winning the lottery so many times before, his wife didn't believe him.

Raymond Scott is Canada's newest $50 million LOTTO MAX winner — but his wife didn't believe him at first.

Scott, who lives in Fort Kent, Alta., said he's always joked about winning the lottery, so when he told his wife they had actually hit the jackpot she was dubious.

"My wife was in a different part of the store when I scanned my ticket,” he said in a press release from the Western Canada Lottery Corporation. “I found her and told her that we won. She just looked at me and said, 'Yeah, OK - whatever.'"

"Whenever I win anything, $2 or whatever, I tell her that we won the lottery," he continued. "So I actually had to show her the ticket to prove it!"

Scott said he believes his loyalty to the M & M Mini Mart in Ardmore, Alta. secured his lucky fortune.

"I’d go and buy lottery tickets from other places, and I wouldn’t win anything," he said. "But whenever I buy a ticket from that store, I would win a little bit here and there. So I went back hoping to win something. I didn’t think that something would be $50 million, though!"

He said plans to put some of the money toward a honeymoon he and his wife never had after getting married last summer. More vacations, college funds, and helping out family are also top of his spending list.

Scott is the third Albertan to win a $50-million lottery in Alberta in just over a year.

Bill and Andrea Groner of Edmonton hit it big last summer, while Randall Rush of St. Albert won in February.

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