08/20/2015 05:47 EDT | Updated 08/20/2016 05:59 EDT

SkyGreece Plane Takes Flight After 3-Day Delay In Toronto

SkyGreece, which has only one plane, was founded in 2012.

After being put on hold for three days, Daniela Boronka is finally winging her way to a wedding in Greece.

Boronka, who is a maid of honour, was scheduled to fly with SkyGreece on Tuesday with her husband, son and mother. Her flight boarded early this afternoon.

She told CBC News that she was "calm until last night but when the airline kept postponing this flight I became nervous that we weren't going to make it."

Not surprisingly, Boronka said she will not fly SkyGreece again.

She said being delayed for a day is understandable, but three days in unacceptable.

"I wish them luck and I hope they improve in the future because they're a young company, but I would be hesitant because this scarred me pretty good," Boronka said. "This is not how I want to start my vacation."

In a statement issued Monday, the airline said that "due to operational considerations, SkyGreece Airlines need to delay all flights." The company added that its Toronto-Athens-Zagreb flight scheduled to leave Monday would leave on Thursday, and its Wednesday Athens-Zagreb-Toronto flight would leave Athens on Friday.

A spokesman for SkyGreece told CBC News that all its flights were delayed for 24 hours "because of crew rest." He added that when its flight arrived in Toronto, there was "a small technical issue" and SkyGreece had to wait for a part that arrived this morning.

On its site, SkyGreece, which has only one plane, says it was founded in 2012 and started its operations in 2014.

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