How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies

Leave our fruit alone!

It's the time of year when fruit is at its best, and hopefully, your kitchen is filled with it. But that also means it's probably filled with fruit flies.

Even though fruit flies are more annoying than harmful, anyone who has dealt with an infestation would agree that getting rid of them is a necessity. As pest experts Orkin notes, fruit flies are attracted to sugary, organic materials, so any overripe or rotten fruit is a likely place to find them (as is your garbage can or compost bin).

In the video above, Spytrips shows off an easy DIY way to rid your home of fruit flies — and best of all, you probably already have all the materials on hand. So get to it!

Of course, fruit flies aren't all bad. As shown in the video below, some are actually being genetically modified by scientists to help detect cancer. These obviously aren't the ones circling around your fruit bowl, but it's nice to know they aren't all pests, isn't it?|


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