08/22/2015 10:57 EDT | Updated 08/22/2015 11:00 EDT

Extreme Speeding In Edmonton Needs To Be Addressed, Says Police Chief

Andre Kudyusov via Getty Images
Driving with low tire pressure indicator on, blurred motion.

Edmonton's police chief is renewing his call for Alberta to join at least three other provinces in bringing in legislation to address extreme speeding.

Rod Knecht says in the last two years more drivers have been caught going as much as 100 km/h over the posted limit.

He adds there's also more excessive speeding on neighbourhood streets.

Knecht has been pushing for a law similar to ones in British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec that would allow police to seize the vehicles of any drivers going more than 50 km/h over the posted limit.

The police chief says a new government at the legislature provides an opportunity to reintroduce the issue.

He also says such a law is more important than ever, because the situation is getting worse.

Two people died within a 24-hour period in Edmonton this week due to drivers who appear to have been going way over the speed limit.

"We're not talking about people who have a little bit of a lead foot once in a while or are driving a little bit quick,'' Knecht said Friday.

"We're talking about people that are just clearly ... abusing their privilege of having a driver's licence and putting other people in danger.''

A new law wouldn't change anything for 99 per cent of drivers. Knecht said the extreme speedsters only make up a fraction of one per cent of drivers.

Knecht says arrangement will be made to meet with new Transportation Minister Brian Mason in the near future.


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