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Where the leaders are for Aug. 23

OTTAWA — The Harper campaign has the playing field mostly to itself again today as the Liberal and NDP leaders don't have any public campaign events.

Stephen Harper is going to campaign in eastern Ontario, but his handlers are tight lipped on where.

So far during the election campaign, the Tories have not released specific details on exactly where they'll be until the morning of the first campaign event.

With the fraud trial of Mike Duffy due to resume on Monday it's likely Harper can expect more questions on events surrounding the $90,000 payment his former chief of staff made to cover the senator's disputed expenses.

Questions about the trial have been a staple of Harper's brief daily question and answer sessions with the media for much of the past two weeks.

Bloc Quebcois leader Gilles Duceppe continues campaigning in eastern Ontario while Green Party leader Elizabeth May is campaigning in the Victoria area.

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