08/24/2015 03:28 EDT | Updated 05/17/2017 02:47 EDT

CNE Foods: Can You Achieve A Balanced Diet At The Ex?

All you need is a good balance of poutine, chicken and something deep-fried.

For years, Canada's Food Guide has served as a blueprint for what Canadians should eat for a healthy and balanced diet.

So what happens when you take the same guide and apply it to the Canadian National Exhibition, a place known for its delicious, albeit, unhealthy foods?

The Huffington Post Canada put that question to the test by sending three editors to see how creative they could get with the traditional definition of "healthy" and "balanced".

If you need a reminder, the guide suggests the average Canadian adult consume anywhere from seven to 10 servings of fruits and veggies, six to eight servings of grain products, and two to three items from the meat and alternatives section. For dairy, men and women 50 and under shouldn't go beyond two servings of dairy products a day.

So how did they do? Check out the video above.

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