08/24/2015 12:21 EDT

Wildfire Smoke Drifts Into Alberta, Environment Canada Issues Weather Statement

Smoke from wildfires burning in Washington state and British Columbia has drifted into Alberta, causing Environment Canada to issue a special weather statement.

Calgary, Edmonton and much of the southern and central portions of the province are being warned about poor air quality and visibility reductions.

"The smoke will move in aloft but is expected to mix down to the surface late this morning or early this afternoon. There is still uncertainty as to how concentrated the smoke will be at the surface, but there could be significant reductions in visibility and air quality," Environment Canada shared on its website.

Calgary meteorologist David Spence told 660 News that the smoke could cause problems for people with health issues.

"Those with respiratory problems might want to pay close attention to air quality reports, because as the smoke thickens up in the afternoon, we could be, for some people, into some pretty sensitive territory," he said.

Alberta Health Services has issued a full-out air-quality advisory for the Calgary zone and is urging people to take measures to keep smoke out of homes and cars.

People are advised to stay inside as much as possible and close vehicle vents and windows while driving.

For information on the current status of Alberta air quality, visit the government website.

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