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Brier Island Humpback Whale Video Captures Unreal Breach

Close encounter of the Megaptera novaeangliae kind.

Even an experienced whale watcher was stunned by a humpback leaping high above Bay of Fundy waters on Friday.

Penny Graham told CBC Radio the sighting was the most dramatic whale breaching she’s seen in her 20 years of running such tours.

“I started whale watching in 1984 with my husband Roy when he was alive and never before have I captured a whale in that position,” said Graham.

The majestic spectacle happened just off the coast of Nova Scotia’s Brier Island. Graham’s company uploaded a series of Facebook photos showing the soaring mammal.

“My four-year-old girl is still in awe,” wrote Ryan Joudrey, a lucky whale-watching tourist on board the boat, in the Facebook comments.

Video of the encounter was uploaded to YouTube by the Conservation Council of New Brunswick. (Watch above.)

Over on the West Coast, whales have been making a splash in headlines all summer.

Photographer Clint Rivers snapped some pictures of baby orcas breaching off Vancouver Island over 60 times during a single July afternoon.

And this weekend, a B.C. couple shared their video with The Huffington Post of a massive humpback whale swimming peacefully under their boat for nearly half an hour.

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