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'Ghostbusters' Cast And Crew Show Off Their Girl Power

If the prospect of an all-female "Ghostbusters" movie doesn't thrill you to the core, you should probably stop reading right here.

The remake of the 1984 classic with a cast led by Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon has received an undue amount of backlash, apparently because certain members of the public can't bear to have their childhood memories changed. (To which we can only respond, where were the protests for "Footloose" in 2011?)

While many of the protesters claim it has nothing to do with not wanting women as the main roles in the movie, others have been more direct in their vitriol, claiming the director is "pandering" or that it will only appeal to "soccer moms and feminist bimbos."

But the cast and crew of the new movie don't really see it that way. In fact, they seem to think that women have plenty to offer not only a remake of the film, but probably movies in general. Oh, and here's why:

Looks like having women on set goes way beyond what you see on screen — and we look forward to even more of it.

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