08/25/2015 12:50 EDT | Updated 08/25/2015 12:59 EDT

WATCH: Grizzly Bear Rolls Downhill At Denali National Park

It's so cute until you remember he can eat you.

It's not every day you see a grizzly bear playing in a national park. But today is one of those days.

YouTuber David Pangborn recently shared a video he filmed, on Aug. 5, of a grizzly bear tumbling down a hill at Denali National Park in Alaska.

In the 1:32 minute original video, the bear rolls over once, sits up, lies down, then topples over again, rolling all the way down the hill — all to the delight of tourists nearby.

Pangborn also shared the footage on Reddit, where many questioned the health and safety of the bear. Fortunately, Pangborn insists that this bear was "just having fun."

As cute as this clip maybe, it is important to remember that grizzlies are fierce predators that can be extremely dangerous when confronted by humans. So if you spot a bear, be sure to stay back.

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