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Regular Meal Times Make Eating Healthier Seem Easier

Eating meals on the go continues to be a no-no.

A new study, published to the Cambridge Journals, finds students who prepare and consume meals regularly have healthier diets compared to students who fail to follow a regular eating routine.

The study — which looked at the eating habits of 1,013 community college and public university students in the United States — identified healthier participants as the same students who prepared meals at home and consistently consumed meals in the morning and evening.

Students who displayed poorer health often purchased meals on campus and ate on the run or while using technology. These students were also much more likely to consume sugary and fatty fast foods.

The researchers hypothesized that the students who prepared their meals were required to consider their food choices more than those who ate in a grab-and-go manner, TIME reports.

Family dinners may not be as common as they once were, but if scientists have any say in the matter, they might be making a comeback. Eating as a family not only provides nutritional benefits, the Washington Post says, but kids who eat with their parents also have a stronger bond with them.

Check out the slideshow below for some recipe ideas you can make with the family and remember, the more you eat together, the healthier you'll be.

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