08/26/2015 01:46 EDT | Updated 08/27/2015 06:59 EDT

The Dirtiest Spots On An Airplane You Didn't Know About

You may have been fighting for the wrong seat.

If you're a germaphobe you might want to think twice about taking an airplane, and it's not just because of the food.

It's safe to assume the washroom won't be the cleanest place, but you might be surprised to find out where else fecal matter can be found on a plane.

The video above, from Buzz60, claims that some airlines only wash their pillows once a month — yuck!

The problem is, there is no one regulating how clean airplanes must be. And the airlines basically set their own standards, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Maybe you should bring your own cleaning supplies with you next time you travel, or maybe consider taking the train?

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