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Meet The Children Of Canada's Murdered And Missing Aboriginal Women

A staggering number of Canada's missing and murdered Aboriginal women were mothers. In this short documentary, two children who were left behind share their stories.

In April 1998, Sarah Jean de Vries' mother went missing from Vancouver's downtown east side. To cope, seven-year-old Sarah imagined her mom had gone on a trip to Mexico and would eventually show up on the doorstep. That wasn't the case.

Sarah's mom was among the 1,224 indigenous women who were murdered or missing in Canada since 1980. A staggering number of these women were mothers, and their children must endure the devastating aftermath.

In the video documentary above, Sarah shares her story along with Sheena Joseph, whose mother was murdered in Hamilton, Ont. They reveal how their lives were affected by the violent loss of their mothers, and how they found healing.

A special thank-you goes to Theland Kicknosway. In April, the 11 year old walked 134 kilometres to raise awareness about the children of the murdered and missing Aboriginal women. He allowed us to use his music in this video. Read more about his ongoing work and fundraising efforts.

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