08/27/2015 14:32 EDT | Updated 08/27/2016 01:12 EDT

Cree youth council votes its chief out of office

The Cree Nation Youth Council, which represents youth from all nine Cree communities in Northern Quebec, has voted to dismiss its elected Youth Grand Chief, Joshua Iserhoff. 

In a press release today, the CNYC said the unprecedented non-confidence vote came after an in-camera session at the youth council's annual general assembly on August 16 in Waswanipi.

"I believe that the allegations against me are untrue," Joshua Iserhoff wrote in a statement released today.

Neither he nor the CNYC is commenting on the nature of the allegations.

Iserhoff said he was asked to resign and after refusing to do so, 27 of 42 delegates voted to dismiss him.

He said he accepts the council's decision and "did my best to take it in stride".

Joshua Iserhoff's four-year term was scheduled to end next spring. He participated in a high-profile Anti-Uranium Walk and was involved in bringing the N'we Jinan music production project to Cree communities.

Deputy Youth Grand Chief Alex Moses of Waswanipi will serve as Interim Youth Grand Chief until elections are held.

Another Deputy Youth Grand Chief will be chosen by the board at its next meeting, September 16 and 17, 2015 in Mistissini.