08/26/2015 20:53 EDT | Updated 08/26/2016 01:12 EDT

Downtown Deer might be relocated by B.C. conservation service

A B.C. conservation officer has been assigned to see if the friendly Downtown Deer ought to be relocated. 

Sgt. Todd Hunter said the conservation service is talking to the Vancouver Park Board and the Stanley Park Ecological Society to try and find a solution for the young buck with budding antlers, which appears to be completely at ease with humans and traffic. 

The animal first appeared in July wandering through downtown Vancouver, after it apparently swam across the Burrard Inlet. It was also spotted licking and nuzzling the hand of a tourist in Stanley Park and wandering perilously close to traffic on the Stanley Park Causeway.

"We're looking into what we could do that is best for the deer and the public," Hunter said. "​We have limited options on how we can deal with the deer. We may move it."

Hunter said the conservation service hoped the deer would move away from the Stanley Park of its own accord, but it may be getting too acclimatized to the downtown lifestyle.  

"We don't like to intervene because we can't account for all the factors when moving wildlife, so we need to have the best variables for when we interject and get involved with the deer." 

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