08/27/2015 13:53 EDT | Updated 08/27/2016 01:12 EDT

Legionnaires' disease outbreak tracked in Lanaudière

Health officials in the Lanaudière region are trying to find the source of an outbreak of legionnaires' disease.

One person has died from the disease and there have been 16 other confirmed cases since Aug. 20. 

The legionella bacteria is often spread through cooling and heating units on the tops of buildings.

The director of the minor hockey association in Berthierville, François Riendeau, said he recently had a kids' training camp cut short.

The rink had to shut down its compressor for testing to see if it's a possible source of the bacteria.

"From there, since Saturday, the arena is closed down," he said.

As a result, children have to travel farther to different areas in the region for practices and games, Riendeau said.