08/27/2015 11:49 EDT | Updated 08/28/2015 06:59 EDT

Michael Ignatieff's Quote About 'Actor' Trudeau Used In Tory Attack

Though he's been retired from politics for four years, Michael Ignatieff once again finds himself featured prominently in a Conservative attack.

On Wednesday, Tories released a graphic to Facebook targeting the former Liberal leader's reported remarks about Justin Trudeau.

The quote comes from a long feature on Trudeau by the National Observer's Charles Mandel, published this week. The story ran at more than 6,700 words, but the Tories zeroed in on just 29.

Ignatieff, who resigned after leading Liberals to their worst showing in history, suggested to the news site that his successor was a performer.

"He's an actor, a professional politician who fully inhabits the role with confidence that comes from having always known this was the role he was born to play," Ignatieff told the site by email.

The Tories, who try to paint the current Liberal leader as "in over his head," left out part of the quote about Trudeau being a "professional" who "fully inhabits the role with confidence" in their Facebook post.

What did former Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff say about Justin? Well...

Posted by Conservative Party of Canada - Parti conservateur du Canada on Wednesday, August 26, 2015

While it may seem strange that Tories would drag Ignatieff into the campaign, it seems the party just can't help itself when it comes to the former Liberal leader.

When it was revealed last year that Ignatieff was returning to Harvard University for a full-time teaching position, Tories marked the occasion by sharing an unused attack ad on their Twitter account.

Conservatives unleashed a barrage of ads against Ignatieff after he became Liberal leader in 2009, telling Canadians, over and over, that he was "just visiting" and "not in it for you." Ignatieff had spent 30 years outside of Canada working in journalism and academia before winning a seat in Parliament in 2006.

In his memoirs, released in 2013, Ignatieff wrote that Conservative Leader Stephen Harper didn't just attack what he said, but his "right to say anything at all."

"You no longer attack a candidate's ideas or position. You attack who they are," Ignatieff wrote.

In the 2011 election, Liberals won just 34 seats. Ignatieff lost his seat in the Toronto riding of Etobicoke-Lakeshore to Tory Bernard Trottier.


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