08/27/2015 03:11 EDT | Updated 08/27/2016 05:59 EDT

Montreal Conservative Candidate Target Of Sexist Graffiti

Valérie Assouline expected a few moustaches scrawled on her campaign posters, but nothing like this. 

The Conservative candidate running in Montreal's Pierrefonds-Dollard riding says the sexist graffiti that's appeared on some of her posters is frightening.

Campaign volunteers first noticed a sex toy stuck to the side of her campaign trailer. 

Then they found one of her posters covered in sexually charged graffiti and a filled condom stuck on the side.

"It's my picture, it's my face and it's an aggression. And you know, I do door to door every day, sometimes late. It's scary," Assouline said.

In all, five of Assouline's posters have been found with condoms stuck to them and seven with sexist graffiti.

The campaign plans to file a police complaint.  

"We got concerned that it was more than just two people fooling around," Frank Dumas, a volunteer on her campaign.

Assouline says it's difficult enough to be a woman in politics without the vandalism. But she says she won't let it slow her down.

"I encourage women to get involved in politics," she said. "I encourage them to get involved because it's very important that we are there."

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