08/27/2015 13:34 EDT | Updated 08/27/2016 01:12 EDT

ServiceOntario launches fresh push to eliminate old red and white health cards

ServiceOntario has launched a new push to get people to give up their old red and white health cards for the new photo version.

A ServiceOntario spokesperson said four-of-five Ontarians now have a photo OHIP card — green-coloured cards that were introduced in 1995. But that still leaves nearly three million older cards out there.

The province has been trying to eliminate the red and white cards, which don't have an expiry date, to cut down on health fraud. In 2013, the government invested millions to speed up the implementation of the photo cards, with the goal of eliminating the red and white cards by 2018.

ServiceOntario recently sent out thousands of letters to people with the red and white cards, warning them they only have weeks to get a new card.

The spokesperson said nobody will have their OHIP care declined, but stressed the importance of making the switch.