08/27/2015 11:49 EDT | Updated 08/27/2016 01:12 EDT

Tassimo coffee pods not recyclable in Quebec City

Consumers of Tassimo's single-use coffee pods no longer have the option to recycle them in the provincial capital.

Quebec City says its recycling centre can't accept the plastic capsules left behind after the coffee is brewed, which is the case for most cities. 

To address this, Tassimo signed up with TerraCycle Canada. But in April, TerraCycle transitioned from a private collector program to public drop-off locations. 

There are only 10 for the whole province and none in Quebec City.

Vanessa Farquharson, a spokesperson for TerraCycle, said another option available to consumers in Quebec City is to ship the cups to TerraCycle for a $50 fee.

When the pods are recycled, Farquharson said they are "turned into a hard plastic lumber that is usually used to make boardwalks, park benches or picnic tables."

Environmental concerns

The coffee pods made by Tassimo and other company's have become a source of controversy, with critics decrying them as an environmental hazard. 

John Sylvan, the inventor of the popular K-Cup coffee pod, said earlier this year he regrets coming up with the idea.  

According to a wildly popular ad campaign against the product, there are so many discarded K-Cups that if you lined them up it would be enough to circle the earth more than 10 times — and that's just from one year's worth of coffee pods.

Research firm NPD Group recently estimated that about 40 per cent of Canadian homes have a single-serving coffee machine, and Canadians spent $95 million on them last year.