Jason Reitman To Present Live Reading Of 'The Princess Bride' At TIFF

Is it too much to hope for Robin Wright Penn?

UPDATE: The cast has been announced! Check out Reitman's tweets below.

TIFF might seem like it's just a lot of red carpets and paparazzi-filled streets, but the best parts of Toronto's film festival are undoubtedly the cinema geekery that gets to go on display through those ten days.

For the past few years, Montreal-born director Jason Reitman has been holding live read sessions during TIFF, starting with "American Beauty" in 2012 and "Boogie Nights" in 2013.

And this year he's chosen another classic, one that even has its roots in the festival:

The cast and crew will be announced via Reitman's Twitter account over the coming weeks, but based on past appearances (Bryan Cranston, Adam Driver, Sarah Gadon, Jason Sudeikis and more), he'll likely be choosing from the many celebs who will be in town.

Tickets are not yet available for the event, but you can check back at the site here.

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