08/26/2015 23:02 EDT | Updated 08/26/2016 01:12 EDT

Toronto Island ferry passenger concerned about safety

A Toronto Island ferry passenger says he's concerned about safety after being recently locked on a boat with other passengers.

Robert Bernecky said he was on a ferry Sunday when he got stuck behind a locked gate. A padlock had been placed there, preventing passengers and crew from easily escaping. 

Bernecky took a video of the jubilant passengers when crews arrived to rescue them.

"What if the boat was on fire?" Bernecky asked. "What if there's a maniac with a weapon? What's going to happen? How are they going to get off? They can't get off."

Luckily for Bernecky and other passengers, a ferry crew was there to take a power saw to the padlock. The gate that was locked was the only way for passengers to get on to Ward's Island. 

"I wish I knew what the gates were there to protect people from or protect the ferry from," Ceilidh Trites told CBC News. "It just doesn't seem like it's achieving anything."

The city says the lock was recently replaced and the new key was mistakenly taken home by a staff member. 

For Bernecky, it's imperative that the gate remain unlocked considering the lack of options in case of an emergency.

"Passenger lives ... and the crew members' lives are in peril," he said.