08/27/2015 11:30 EDT | Updated 08/27/2016 01:12 EDT

Usain Bolt toppled by cameraman on Segway

Usain Bolt was victorious in the men's 200 metres Thursday evening in Beijing. But after the race, online chatter quickly segued from celebrating Bolt's win to the near-disastrous results of his encounter with a wayward Segway.

We've seen camera operators on Segways throughout worlds competition, shooting 360 degrees around athletes and close-ups as they greet their fans. But this cameraman got an angle we've not seen before — and likely won't see again.

On close inspection,  it is obvious that this was an honest mistake, as the Segway's left wheel appears to hit a piece of track on the ground, setting it off course.

This video shows a bit of the aftermath. Hopefully, Bolt isn't injured after that mishap.

In true internet fashion, @BeijingSegway already has its own Twitter handle.

And a lot more Twitterverse reaction to the blunder.

Bolt looks to be okay in his post-race interview with the CBC's Perdita Felicien, but it's definitely a story we'll follow.

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