08/28/2015 10:34 EDT | Updated 08/28/2015 10:59 EDT

BFFs Amy Schumer And Jennifer Lawrence Dance To "Uptown Girl"

Just when you thought the Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence friendship couldn't get any better, it went ahead and outdid itself.

Following the news that the pair are working on a script together, in which they'll play sisters, they showed up onstage — together — at Billy Joel's Wrigley Field concert in Chicago. And then they danced on his piano:

(Note: they don't get onstage until about the 2:00 mark.)

Anyone who's seen Schumer's hit comedy "Trainwreck" knows the song plays a big part in the movie, but for those who haven't, just know that she calls "Uptown Girl" Joel's "worst song." (She later clarified in an interview with Yahoo that "I think he has other really bad songs too.”)

But she certainly doesn't seem to mind it here, and we are damn happy to see it.

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