08/28/2015 13:51 EDT | Updated 08/28/2016 01:12 EDT

B.C. judge says Pickton sex assault victim should have settled for $50,000

VANCOUVER — A British Columbia woman who was sexually assaulted by the brother of serial killer Robert Pickton will not get any payment for her costs at a trial.

B.C. Supreme Court Justice George Macintosh says the woman should have accepted David Pickton's $50,000 settlement offer before the civil trial, which ended in June.

A jury awarded $45,000 to the woman, who testified that Pickton felt her genitals through her jeans and threatened rape, while the man testified he only slapped her on the buttocks.

Macintosh has now ruled that the woman will only be awarded costs incurred in the leadup to the trial, and the amount has yet to be determined.

He says the woman's memory was ravaged by her difficult life and that the sexual assault on her by Pickton more than two decades ago was a small event among her many miseries.

Pickton was convicted in 1992 for the sexual assault in a trailer on a construction site and fined $1,000 at the time.


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