08/28/2015 10:55 EDT | Updated 08/28/2016 01:12 EDT

Nova Scotia Health Department to renovate clinic at a cost of $1.65 million

SHELBURNE, N.S. — The Nova Scotia government will spend $1.65 million to renovate an old health clinic at the Roseway Hospital.

The plan is to turn the Shelburne facility into a primary care collaborative centre to be staffed by family physicians and other health professionals.

Nova Scotia Health Authority CEO Janet Knox says the aim is to provide care that helps residents avoid the use of the hospital's emergency room.

The Shelburne hospital and several others in rural areas of the province, have struggled in past months with emergency room closures because of a lack of staffing.

Health Minister Leo Glavine has previously said that his department was working on a plan to bring new clinics based on the collaborative care model to about six areas of the province.

Construction on the Shelburne clinic is expected to begin next spring.


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