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Oxford Dictionaries Online Gets 'Awesomesauce' New Words

Fangirl, butthurt and mic drop now all have definitions.

NBD, but are you ready to “fangirl” over Oxford Dictionaries Online's latest update?

We’re not sure.

The dictionary has added a number of new terms to keep pace with modern speak, including the aforementioned “fangirl," as well as “awesomesauce” and “butthurt,” according to a blog post.

“We’ve got some awesomesauce new words – no, rly – that will inform and entertain whether you’re hangry or it’s already wine o’clock. Mic drop," it reads.

It also added some that relate to current events. Words with definitions now include "Grexit," which refers to the potential departure of Greece from the eurozone, and "Mx," a gender-neutral title that is gaining widespread usage.

But language snobs need not fear that these informal words will show up in the next print edition of the Oxford English Dictionary — Oxford Dictionaries Online differs from the tome we used in school.

The online dictionary is a reference for current English words and their modern meanings and uses, while the traditional version is more of a historical reference.

The online dictionary has added a number of hip terms recently. In 2013 it added "selfie," and 2014 saw the addition of "lolcat," "duck face" and "shiny bum," among others.

What do you think about the new words? Let us know in the comments below.

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