08/28/2015 14:00 EDT | Updated 08/28/2015 20:59 EDT

'Super Gay Campaign Advice' Has Three Important Tips For Politicians (NSFW)

The second rule: No hats.

Ian Capstick has three important pieces of advice for anyone involved in Canada's election campaign. One of them involves hot dogs.

Capstick, a managing partner with MediaStyle and a regular on CBC News' Power & Politics, kicked off the "Super Gay Campaign Advice" series on Friday to "inject a little humour" into the election.

"Welcome to super gay campaign advice. This is literally the gayest thing I've ever done," says Capstick in the video, which is part of the public affairs firm's elections operations centre.

"I've done all the gay things. Every single gay thing."

The first episode in the series focuses on the three things politicians shouldn't do on the campaign trail.

The first rule, Capstick says, is no dancing.

"Don't dance. No, just don't. Don't dance, especially if you're a conservative," he says, while footage of one Jason Kenney and one John Tory plays on the screen:

"Yeah, exactly. Exhibit A. It's not pretty. It's not pretty. Don't dance."

The second rule: No hats.

"You look like an idiot."

Capstick then brings back one of the more glorious moments in Canadian election history:

"And we all remember this: the ultimate hat!"

"And look, he's back in the race right now," Capstick says. "Isn't that fun, Gilles? Going to be make fun of you for this, forever. No hats."

Finally, the third rule, which is pretty straightforward:

"Hot dogs."

"Do I need to say anything else? Do you need to see the photos," he asks. "You do."

"No hot dogs. Why? Why, you ask? Do you really need to ask?"

"It looks like dick. It does."

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