08/31/2015 10:32 EDT | Updated 08/31/2016 01:12 EDT

Canada has asked for Mohamed Fahmy's deportation: wife

The wife of a Canadian journalist imprisoned in Egypt says the Canadian Embassy in Cairo has applied to have her husband deported from the country.

An Egyptian court sentenced Mohamed Fahmy to three years in prison on Saturday — a verdict which shocked his family and led many international observers to call for his release.

It's the second time Fahmy has landed behind bars in the same case. He was originally arrested in December 2013 with two colleagues while working for satellite news broadcaster Al Jazeera English and faced widely denounced terror charges.

He spent more than a year in prison before an appeal of his conviction resulted in a release on bail during a retrial that culminated in Saturday's verdict.

His wife Marwa Omara says the Canadian Embassy in Cairo has also applied for a presidential pardon for him.

She says her family desperately needs Ottawa to continue to push for Fahmy's release, particularly because her husband is innocent.

"I just hope the Canadian government gets Mohamed out from here," she said. "We are totally drained from this experience and it's very hard for us to go though all of this again."



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