08/31/2015 13:40 EDT | Updated 08/31/2016 01:12 EDT

Keep tabs on tabbies: Deaths spark warning to Calgary owners to keep cats inside

CALGARY — The Calgary Humane Society says it is looking into what it calls the suspicious deaths of a dozen outdoor cats this year.

The animal shelter says the cats have been found mutilated, severely injured or killed.

It is warning owners to keep their pets indoors.

Society spokesman Brad Nichols says outdoor cats already face risks such as vehicles, predatory animals and disease.

But he points out they are also a prime target for animal abusers.

Allowing a cat to run at large is an offence under a city bylaw.

“While some cat owners will argue depriving a cat of outdoor freedom decreases its quality of life, the reality is quite the opposite," Nichols said in a release Monday.


The Canadian Press