08/31/2015 12:23 EDT | Updated 08/31/2016 01:12 EDT

Manitoba police forces to receive $672K from seized criminal property

WINNIPEG — Police forces across Manitoba are to receive new equipment thanks to the sale of property seized from criminals.

The NDP government says more than $672,000 is to be used this year by municipal police forces, the RCMP, conservation officers and others.

The money was collected under a provincial law that allows the province to confiscate property, cash and other goods linked to criminal activity.

The Winnipeg Police Service plans to use some of its share of the money for a laser scanner to investigate traffic accidents.

The RCMP wants to use some of its share for body armour and off-road vehicles, while conservation officers are to receive more night-vision goggles to catch poachers.

The government says most of the proceeds seized under the law come from the drug trade and organized crime.



The Canadian Press