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Netflix Canada: What's Good In September 2015?

Everyone's favourite talking-animal tearjerker from 1993 is making its way back, straight to your heart. Get the chips and tissues ready.

The leaves are beginning to turn colour and in our contemporary times, that’s the unofficial signal that an intensified season of binge-watching is about to get underway.

Netflix, the purveyor of digital distraction to over 3.5 million Canadians, has revealed its choice September picks that subscribers can look forward to throughout the month.

Its new crop of movies and TV shows are designed to appeal to a wide range of tastes, from an Oscar-winning adaptation of cryptologist Alan Turing’s life and work to a certain hit zombie apocalypse series.

But those looking forward to gobbling up season five of the “Walking Dead” will have to wait. The most recent season is set to premiere on Oct. 11 — still plenty of time for slackers to catch up.

Here’s a shortlist of some choice titles Netflix-bound in September:

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“Keith Richards: Under The Influence”

This much-anticipated documentary set to premiere mid-month promises an “unprecedented look” at Rolling Stones rock icon Keith Richard’s origin story. The film, spearheaded by “20 Feet From Stardom” filmmaker Moran Neville, blends new interviews and archival footage pull from the rocker’s colourful and loud past.

“6 Years”

Picked up from SXSW earlier this year, “6 Years” is a story about young love and all the backhanded FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) baggage that comes with it.

It was called a “melodramatic overstatement” by a Variety reviews, but the fact that Netflix secured its global rights is a vote of confidence that they believe there’s an audience there. Plus, the performances by its young stars is reportedly excellent.


This movie was nominated for an Oscar for “Best Picture” and didn’t win. It should have.


Watched this one on an eight-inch screen on the back of a seat on board an Air Canada flight and was still moved by the movie’s end despite the less-than-ideal set up.

Reece Witherspoon plays a woman working through the consequences of her transgressions, and social alienation, while pushing herself to her physical and mental limits on a solo hike through the Pacific Crest Trail. Get your hiking boots ready.

“Homeward Bound”

Pay homage to that ‘90s movie wherein a talking cat popularized the saying, “Cats rule and dogs drool.” Also, if you don’t get the feels or shamelessly weep over the ending, you drool.

“The Nightmare Before Christmas”

Apparently 1993 was a strong year for movie-making. That’s when both the Tim Burton classic and “Homeward Bound” (see above) first premiered in in theatres. For some millennials, this was the seminal movie that set the tone for lessons later in life, including 1) be a leader, 2) snow is delightful in moderation, and 3) Love is something real powerful.

“Batman: Assault on Arkham”

More like “Suicide Squad exploits with Batman cameos.” This isn’t your Adam West campy Batman movie. It’s an entertaining anime ride from start to finish and takes viewers through some pretty dark, mature themes along the way.

TV shows

“Walking Dead”

The transformation of Rick Grimes continues.


This documentary-style series by Bravo follows two beat cops working Montreal streets. The show’s executive producer described it as a show that leans heavily on suspense.

“It’s not watching a video game of people getting shot. You don’t know what’s going on. You’re going through the experience in real time, so you’re getting the visceral, human experience of being in that school,” he told The Toronto Star.

“Once Upon A Time”

People dig it. And spotting Vancouver-area locales where it's filmed is kinda fun.

“Avatar: The Last Airbender”

For seasoned Netflix watchers, this one’s not new. But it’s slated to disappear from playlists on Sept. 22. Don’t let the “Nickelodeon” credit fool you. It’s an animated series that pulls viewers through three seasons by effortlessly bending comedy, drama, romance, and action-packed story arcs into one beloved story.

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