08/31/2015 19:39 EDT | Updated 08/31/2016 01:12 EDT

Nova Scotia gynecologist reprimanded after 3 patients complained

HALIFAX — The governing body for Nova Scotia's doctors has reprimanded a gynecologist in Antigonish after investigating complaints from three patients alleging substandard care.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia says Dr. Erin MacLean-Fraser's poor organizational skills and personal problems led to a series of administrative and practice deficiencies.

The college found MacLean-Fraser delayed scheduling surgery and missed a diagnosis for a patient who wasn't examined during two office visits.

In a second case, the college found MacLean-Fraser failed to send a letter to a patient's family doctor once a decision had been made about a medical procedure, and she failed to complete the proper booking forms.

The third complaint focused on MacLean-Fraser's failure to fill out medical summaries on a chart for a patient who eventually sought care from another doctor.

A subsequent audit of MacLean-Fraser's practice raised concerns about the number of times her patients had not been examined but were booked for surgery anyway.

The college issued a statement saying MacLean-Fraser accepted the reprimand and several conditions placed on her licence to practice.

The statement says MacLean-Fraser agreed to participate in a followup performance audit, receive certain supervision from the college and complete a record-keeping course.

The Canadian Press