09/01/2015 12:00 EDT | Updated 04/14/2016 12:27 EDT

Modern Families, Modern Snacks: 8 Clever And Portable Snack Ideas

Pepperidge Farm

Between school, extracurricular activities, and assorted lessons and practice sessions, it’s a wonder that your family uses your house for anything but sleeping! But a fast-paced life is hardly an excuse for neglecting snack time; you just need to make sure your family’s food options are in line with your busy and fast-paced lifestyle.

Here are 8 clever ways to make snacks fun, portable, and as modern as your everyday lives.

  • Layered Apple Sandwich
    <strong>Layered Apple Sandwich</strong>
    Tales Of A Kitchen
    Getting your workout on and looking for a great post-fitness treat? Simply slice a medium-sized apple into three and layer in generous portions of almond butter (mixed with raisins and honey) for a unique and yummy snack that’s sure to provide you with post-workout energy!
  • Caramelized Pumpkin Seeds
    <strong>Caramelized Pumpkin Seeds</strong>
    Cooking With My Kid
    Eating pumpkin isn’t just for Halloween! Serve up a tasty — and healthy — snack by roasting the seeds coated with ingredients such as cinnamon, cumin and ginger. Now there’s a great reason to eat pumpkin year-round!
  • Goldfish® Trail Mix
    <strong>Goldfish® Trail Mix</strong>
    Pepperidge Farm
    For the hikers in your family, serve up trail mix with a clever twist! Mix in a cup of your favourite Goldfish® crackers with dried fruit bits, roasted peanuts, and white chocolate pieces for some fast energy on the go when hitting the trails.
  • Mango Popcorn Balls
    <strong>Mango Popcorn Balls</strong>
    A House In The Hills
    Now, you might not think that mango and popcorn go together, but they totally do. Satisfy all the sweet teeth in the house by combining maple syrup with popcorn, nuts and mango in a bowl. Mix it up, roll into balls, pop into oven and enjoy!
  • Tofu Sticks
    <strong>Tofu Sticks</strong>
    Kalyn's Kitchen
    Meet your new snack food favourite: tofu sticks! Get your soy-based protein on by slicing baked tofu into strips and serving with a side of your choice of veggies and dipping sauce. Perfect for an on the go snack!
  • Curried Carrot Chips
    <strong>Curried Carrot Chips</strong>
    Oh My Veggies
    For those seeking a spicier take on their veggies, how about curried carrot chips? Equal parts healthy and flavourful, baking carrot strips in the oven with some sweet curry powder and olive oil for 10-12 minutes creates a portable and clever treat that elevates your snacking game and is sure to invite discussion when you’re seen chowing down on them at work!
  • Greek Pita Pocket
    <strong>Greek Pita Pocket</strong>
    Cookie Monster Cooking
    Like pita? Like Greek salad? Why not eat both in one convenient package? Grab a pita pocket and, in addition to traditional hummus, stuff that pocket chock full of fresh spinach, cucumber, feta cheese and tomatoes for a filling and nutritious snack on the run — no utensils required!
  • Ants on a Log, Remixed
    <strong>Ants on a Log, Remixed</strong>
    Whole Foods
    The “normal” way of making Ants on a Log — adding peanut and raisins on top of celery sticks — is so 1950s! Modernize this classic snack with cream cheese and the dried fruit of your choosing (cranberries, cherries, or even grapes) and enjoy your contemporary take on an all-time favourite!