09/01/2015 04:09 EDT | Updated 09/04/2015 09:59 EDT

Water Before Dinner Might Help You Lose Weight, Study Claims

Just another reason to get more water in your life.

We all know drinking water comes with some serious health benefits — like a clearer complexion and smoother digestion. But the debate still wages on about whether or not the zero-calorie drink can really help you drop the pounds.

A new study published in the Obesity Research journal says drinking 500 ml of water, half an hour before dinner, can help people lose weight.

Using a test group of 84 adults, researchers at the University of Birmingham in England divided the group into two and had one group consume 500 ml of tap water 30 minutes prior to eating. The other group was told to imagine feeling full before eating. At the end of 12 weeks, scientists noted the group who drank water before eating lost 95 per cent more weight than those who simply imagined they were full.

The scientists speculate the weight loss was a result of the water making participants feel full. But not everyone is convinced. In 2014, Dr. Beth Kitchin of the University of Alabama said that while water is good for you, it does not promote weight loss, the Daily Mail reports.

"Yes, people do need to get fluids — but it does not have to be water. There's no evidence that it melts away fat or makes you feel fuller, so if you don't like water it's OK," Kitchin said in a statement.

Drinking water for weight loss isn’t the only water myth floating around. Sports dietitian Julie Upton told Shape magazine 20 per cent of your daily water intake comes from the fruits and veggies you eat, so it’s okay if you can’t squeeze in a full 8-10 glasses every day.

Do you drink water for weight loss or is it just a part of your everyday routine? Let us know in the comments below.

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