09/02/2015 04:31 EDT | Updated 09/02/2015 04:59 EDT

Adorable Baby Cries Every Time His Book Ends

Every bookworm can relate.

The end of a good book is enough to make anyone cry, but for one little baby, the feeling is all too much.

In a YouTube clip titled “The Saddest Bookworm,” a baby boy named Emmett is seen avidly listening to his mother read a story. But by the time she turns to the last page and says “The end,” the 10-month-old immediately starts to cry.

And this happens every time.

Watch Emmett’s adorable tantrum in the video above.

Michigan parents Dan and Alicia Stevers uploaded the clip to YouTube on Monday. It now has over 600,000 views and hundreds of positive comments.

“There is something quite magical about reading to and with your child,” one wrote. “I hope he never loses his love of language and books. He really is the saddest bookworm.”

Another said, “Omg this is so adorable! That’s going to be one smart kid!”

And while we think Emmett’s love of books it too cute to handle, his little onesie – reading “The Snuggle is Real” – makes it even more adorable!

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