09/01/2015 23:14 EDT | Updated 09/01/2016 01:12 EDT

Barriers on Edmonton bridge hope to deter people wanting to commit suicide

EDMONTON — Barriers have started going up on Edmonton's High Level Bridge in an effort to prevent people from jumping off.

The Support Network played a big part in getting the new barriers approved by city council.

Director of programs Jennifer Jones says taking away the bridge as an option for suicide will make a big difference.

She says it is currently "sort of a destination place for people to attempt to take their lives."

Emergency call boxes have also been installed on the bridge with a direct line to either the Support Network or police.

Jones says they are still in the testing phase with those.

“I know that the phones are functional and that they’ve been doing a little bit of testing to make sure that they’ll work really well to meet the needs of emergency service responders.”

The fence cost $3 million to install and was approved by city council late last year.



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