09/01/2015 22:09 EDT | Updated 09/01/2016 01:12 EDT

Canadian track stars back to reality (and Twitter)

What would you do after coming home from nine days of competition in Beijing?

Hibernate for a week? Reward yourself with junk food and take-out? Watch Netflix for 80 hours straight?

Our Canadian athletes are slowly heading home after the world track and field championship and thanks to their Twitter accounts, we can see how they're recovering post-worlds.

There are some athletes taking advantage of being in China.


Meanwhile, other athletes are already headed to their next destination.

One could only imagine the jet lag these athletes must be dealing with.

Food has seemingly become a popular topic to tweet about.

Now that the worlds is done, athletes can start knocking things off their to-do lists #LongTrackSeasonProblems

And they wouldn't be professional athletes if they weren't looking forward.