09/02/2015 12:05 EDT | Updated 09/02/2016 01:12 EDT

Diabetes association wants tax added to sugary drinks in Canada

The Canadian Diabetes Association is calling on federal leaders to support and eventually introduce a tax on sugary drinks.

The association made the announcement on Wednesday, asking all the federal parties to support a tax on any drinks sweetened with sugar because of their link to Type 2 diabetes.

The group pointed to countries like France and Mexico who have already introduced a similar tax to deter people from drinking the beverages.

The association also called for two other initiatives: a national pharmacare program to help patients pay for their medications and expanding the disability tax credit to people with Type 1 diabetes.

According to the association, an estimated 10 million Canadians have diabetes or prediabetes, and they say the disease cost Canadians $14 billion in health care and economic costs.

The condition can cause strokes, heart attacks, kidney failure and other health complications.