09/02/2015 11:06 EDT | Updated 09/02/2016 01:12 EDT

Fall forecast features warm September, possible 'false start' to winter in October

A mild September, a taste of winter in October and lengthy periods where it feels like we're "locked in" to one type of weather mark this fall's forecast in Toronto and southern Ontario.

Chris Scott, Chief Meteorologist with The Weather Network, said forecasters are already in "fall mode" despite the hot weather we are experiencing at the moment.

Scott said the pattern of warm weather is set to deliver "one of the best Labour Day weekends we could possibly imagine" this weekend, with a mild September to follow.

Overall, temperatures in eastern Canada are expected to return to seasonal norms for most of the fall, but with one pattern emerging.

"We're going to get locked into these periods of either well-above or well-below normal temperatures for longer than we usually see," Scott told CBC Radio's Metro Morning.

El Nino, the weather system featuring unusually warm ocean temperatures near the equator in the Pacific Ocean, is strong this year. That, Scott explained, will hold the jet stream in place and cause consistent weather.

That consistent weather, unfortunately, may include a cold snap in October that will feel like a "false start" to winter.

But the temperature may bounce back in November, and while that's a long way off, Scott says there's no sign of "hard winter weather" for December. Winter, Scott said, appears to be "delayed" this year.

Precipitation-wise, the fall forecast is calling for normal amounts of rain, with big bursts of rain when it comes.