09/02/2015 11:38 EDT | Updated 09/02/2016 01:12 EDT

La La La Human Steps dance company closes its doors

The Montreal dance company La La La Human Steps is shutting down.

Its founder and artistic director, Édouard Lock, said the group would be ending its activities after 35 years, citing financial difficulties.

In a letter posted online Wednesday morning, Lock thanked the artists who have worked with the company, as well as the the people of Montreal, who he says provided inspiration over the years:

"It's been an amazing journey full of outsized memories folded over decades. The artists I met, worked with and today hold as friends. The people we performed for and those who made our performances possible. Memories linked one to the other regardless of time or origin. Today this wonderful adventure ends."

"I'm announcing my resignation as choreographer and artistic director of LaLaLa Human Steps, a position it's been my great privilege to hold for 35 years. The last tour was a difficult one financially. Though the debt was reduced substantially due to the generosity of many of our creditors, the cuts that followed and the decision not to guarantee more than the current year of subsidy has made it impossible to continue."

"My letter of resignation has been sent to the funders and a resolution dissolving the company has been signed by the board. LHS is no more. It's time to say goodbye and to give thanks."