09/02/2015 15:53 EDT | Updated 09/02/2016 01:12 EDT

Lachine Canal private docks make area unwelcoming, says Luc Ferrandez

The growing number of condo buildings and private docks along the Lachine Canal is making what's supposed to be a public area not so public anymore, says Projet Montréal leader Luc Ferrandez.

Ferrandez he's concerned Montrealers will stay away from the area if they don't feel it's truly a public space.

Projet Montréal is requesting that candidates in the upcoming federal election take a stand on the increasing privatization of Lachine Canal, which is managed by Parks Canada.

"We're asking for the federal parties to take a position on the privatization of the canal so that Parks Canada has clearer orientations on where they're going to go in the future," said Craig Sauvé, a Projet Montréal city councillor for the Southwest borough.

Ferrandez said Parks Canada would be wise to capitalize on the money it's already invested in the area and curb the increase in private docks.

The bike paths that run along the canal are popular routes for cyclists, and a number of Montrealers use the canal for boating, sunbathing and other warm-weather activities.

Parks Canada and Transport Canada could not be reached for comment.