09/02/2015 16:31 EDT | Updated 09/02/2016 01:12 EDT

Leader of Quebec's third party says province needs more say on language, immigration

SCOTT, Que. — The leader of Quebec's third party says Canada must offer a new deal giving the province more powers over a host of areas including language and immigration.

Speaking to reporters today at a caucus retreat, Francois Legault said he's offering Quebecers a new, modern nationalism that will create a strong Quebec in Canada.

His party, The Coalition for Quebec's Future, is against sovereignty but claims to be staunchly nationalist.

Legault said his party will produce by November a detailed proposal including a list of demands seeking for Quebec more control over its affairs.

He says the governing Liberals are too passive in their relationship with the federal government and the Parti Quebecois' goals of independence are not reflective of the wishes of the majority.

Legault said his party will offer a clear, middle ground that seeks to keep Quebec in Canada but with additional powers, particularly over immigration and language.

The Canadian Press